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Young Pilot Georgio Hado, Flying to Prosperity

20-year-old Jamaica College past student Georgio Hado is one of Jamaica’s youngest pilots. For the first time took off from the Tinson Pen Airport in Kingston and flew by himself around the Caribbean and North America.

The aviation sector has been hit in recent times with a growing demand for new pilots as the airline industry continues to experience global shortages in the number of certified pilots.

According to a report from Statistica, in the next 20 years, airlines in North America alone are going to be in need of around 130,000 new pilots. However, one Jamaica College past student is passionate and determined to fill that gap.

Hado explains what the experience was like flying solo for the first time; Hado notes while flying over different air spaces he learned to maneuver through various weather conditions. He differentiates flying over the sea versus land.He adds that it is imperative for pilots to also run through their checklist to ensure the aircraft is suitable for flying before taking off.

In the meantime, Technical Support Director of the aviation program at JC David Robertson says with the increase in technology the aviation industry globally has advanced. He adds Georgio Hado has always been a determined and poised student.


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