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Jamaica College Schools Challenge Team Revitalization Project


Capt Wayne Harris - JCOBA-NY VP

SCQ Strategic Advisor/Mentor

We are asking for your support to help us make this dream a reality. Your donation will help us provide the SCQ team with the resources they need to succeed, including:

  • Training and development

  • Equipment and supplies

  • Meals & Nutrition

  • Travel expenses


Together, we can bring the Schools Challenge trophy back to Jamaica College!

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A Project of the Jamaica College Old Boys Association of New York 

Join us in a journey of transformation and triumph as we embark on an exciting mission to rekindle the flames of victory! Introducing a groundbreaking initiative led by Captain Wayne Harris, Vice President of JCOBA-NY, who has been an unwavering force behind the scenes.

"After a 36-year drought, we are ready to reclaim our title as national SCQ champions. With dedication, investment, and exceptional mentorship, we are poised to reclaim the glory that has eluded us for too long", declared Captain Harris. 

With the enlistment of Coach Chanarie Lindsay, a JC Old Boy and an SCQ Champion, the team has been invigorated with resurgent vigor and a burning desire to excel.

Stay tuned for updates, stories of growth, and the triumphant return of the Jamaica College Schools Challenge Team to the forefront of national competition. Together, we're rewriting history, and the future has never looked more promising. Get ready to witness excellence in action!



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Hey there, Griffin Wordsmiths! The Jamaica College Old Boys Association of New York and the JC SCQ Project team are excited to invite you to put your best words forward in the "OPUS Story Time" writing contest. A grand prize of JMD40,000 is up for grabs. Are you up for the challenge?"

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P.O. Box 2567
New York NY 10008-2567
United States

‭+1 (212) 602-1374‬


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