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Penn Relays 2024: Help JC soar on the world stage!


Since 1990, the Jamaica College Old Boys Association has fueled the dreams of countless young athletes. By sending our JC Track and Field Teams to the prestigious Penn Relays Carnival, we've invested not just tens of thousands of dollars, but our hearts and cheers, witnessing their triumphs on one of athletics' greatest stages.

This journey has ignited scholarships, national honors, successful careers, and an experience beyond compare. But the next chapter is about to begin, and your support is crucial.

In just a short while, our team will once again proudly represent Jamaica College and our nation at Penn Relays. But financial hurdles stand in their way. We need to raise $8,500 to cover essential costs like accommodation, meals, and transportation.

Imagine their disappointment if this dream becomes a hurdle too high to jump. Imagine the missed scholarships, the lost opportunities, the silence where their cheers should be.

With your help, they can soar! A simple text - "PENN" to 53-555 - can fuel their journey and unlock their potential. Be a part of their story. Donate today and help them fly!

Thank you.

Fervet Opus in Campis!

JC to Penn 2023.jpeg



After three decades of unbroken service, last year, Sir Lancelot 'Lancee' Clarke, the bedrock of the Jamaica College Penn Relays Campaign passed the Baton to the able hands of Orolando Duffus. During his tenure Lance has raised over US$265k for the JC Penn Relays Team. Orolando, a former standout student athlete at JC and a Penn Relays alumnus, is a shining example of why we should support this program. Orolando's first two years of anchoring the JC Penn Relays Campaign were  resounding successes and we thank all the donors, volunteers and supporters for a 'fervet' effort. As we gear up for the 2024 Penn Relays Carnival, once again we need your support to send 'JC2PENN'. 

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