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Nominate Extraordinary Achievers for the Griffin Awards! 

Unveil the Titans Among Us - Nominate Now!


In the heart of the Jamaica College Crest soars the majestic Griffin, a fusion of the lion's might and the eagle's prowess. Symbolizing strength, courage, wisdom, and leadership, the Griffin embodies the very essence of Jamaica College's enduring legacy for more than two centuries.


Do you know someone who radiates these virtues? Someone whose accomplishments, both personal and professional, blaze a trail of excellence? Someone who uplifts our society through selfless service and remarkable contributions?


Introducing the Griffin Awards: 

An homage to the exceptional, a celebration of those who embody the pinnacle of human potential.


Why Nominate?

Celebrate Excellence: Honor those who mirror the virtues etched in the Griffin's fierce gaze.

Empower Recognition: Showcase the stalwarts who reshape our world with courage and wisdom.

Inspire Greatness: Unveil beacons of leadership and selfless service, lighting the path for future generations.


Join us in the journey to honor those who breathe life into the Griffin's indomitable spirit. Nominate a trailblazer today and be a part of championing excellence that echoes through generations.


Stand with us as we raise the banner of the extraordinary, hand in hand with the legacy of Jamaica College. The Griffin Awards: Where distinction meets legacy, and greatness is etched in history.

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