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The JCOBA-NY Endowment Fund (JCNYEF)


Since our formal founding in 1990, the Jamaica College Old Boys Association of New York has proudly contributed over USD$ 1.4 million (JMD$156 million) in cash and kind, to our alma mater. From our initial project of building and equipping the first Computer Lab at JC in 1991, through the introduction of the now legendary and impactful Robotics program in 2009 - the focus of JCOBA-NY has always been strategically connoted on perpetuity. 

Powered by the Jamaica College Foundation, our next venture is the establishment of the Jamaica College Old Boys Association of New York Endowment Fund (JCNYEF), to drive long-term stability, fiscal responsibility, and financial viability at JC. Considered one of the most advantageous sources of funding, endowments are a proven vehicle to offer a dependable and perpetual source of funding. The investment made through the JCNYEF, will be pooled with the existing Jamaica College Endowment, to provide the fuel that will make a real difference in the lives of our students, faculty, and staff - throughout their educational journey at JC.

Endowments are also an excellent way to permanently honor your family, a mentor or a loved one. Whilst the individual contributions made towards the JCNYEF will be pooled by the designed investment manager, your gift will be demarcated and becomes part of the Jamaica College heritage and tradition of paying it forward.


A special thanks to the pioneer members of our association, who have so genially and nobly contributed to the first round of capital funding to launch the JCNYEF.


Please join us and make your mark today to ‘fund the future’ of JC through a strategic investment in the JCNYEF.

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