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Jamaica College: Igniting Excellence and Embracing Achievement

In the hallowed halls of Jamaica College, the motto "Collegium floreat, fervet opus in campis" resonates with an intensity that fuels every endeavor. Translated from Latin, it encapsulates a spirit of fervent dedication and resolute commitment to excellence. As Hon. Judge Patrick Robinson eloquently puts it, "May the College flourish, work is burning in the fields" - is a mantra that transcends mere physical labor to evoke a passionate pursuit of greatness."

Triumph reverberates within the corridors of Jamaica College, the echoes growing more potent with each passing year. Monday morning assemblies have become a continuum of celebrations, heralding yet another milestone in the institution's relentless pursuit of excellence. Just two days ago, Jamaica College roared into the history books! Our Under-19 Hockey team secured the coveted ISSA All-Island Championship title in a nail-biting final against the mighty Munro College. This victory will forever be etched in memory, showcasing the team's incredible skill and determination.

This past year at Jamaica College has been a triumphant procession. Victories line the halls, each win a vibrant thread woven into a rich fabric of success across diverse disciplines. From hoisting the Walker Cup to dominating U16 Football, Lawn Tennis, and Table Tennis, our athletes showcase boundless talent. This dominance extends to U19 Volleyball and Basketball championships, further solidified by exceptional performances at the Gibson Relays. Jamaica College athletes delivered strong performances in Swimming and Lacrosse, and showed valiant prowess at Champs, securing the highest tally of gold medals. The 'True Blue' pride extends beyond our campus walls. At the CARIFTA Games, the Jamaica College contingent brought home 15 medals, raising the bar on the regional stage and bringing honor to both school and country.

Jamaica College unarguably stands as a bastion of holistic excellence, where talents across diverse domains are nurtured and celebrated. The school's intrinsic commitment to fostering artistic and cultural prowess is exemplified by the awe-inspiring collection of 45 medals amassed at the JCDC Music and Drumming Competition. This remarkable achievement highlights the school's commitment to embracing and developing the diverse artistic expressions of its students.

And there's more...remarkably, Jamaica College emerged as the undisputed champion in the Jamaica Stock Market Competition for six consecutive years. This feat underscores the institution's commitment to nurturing well-rounded individuals ready to conquer any arena they enter.

Jamaica College's quest for excellence transcends mere athletic victories and artistic recognition. The institution is spearheading a renaissance in diverse fields, including Construction Management sponsored by the Gore Family Foundation, Auto Mechanics, Aviation led by Master Aviator David Robertson, and Culinary Arts. The Schools Challenge Quiz program has also seen a remarkable resurgence. After implementing a structured three-year plan, the team secured a bronze medal – their best performance in three decades. Furthermore, our Debating teams and Model United Nations Club showcase engaged brilliance, guiding students toward comprehensive educational achievements and well-rounded growth.

Amidst a panorama of remarkable and enviable achievements, the award-winning JC Robotics program shines brightly as a pinnacle of innovation and progress. Conceived by the visionary minds of the Jamaica College Old Boys Association of New York (JCOBA-NY), this pioneering endeavor has rapidly evolved into a national sensation, garnering global acclaim and inspiring a multitude of high schools across the island to embrace the transformative power of STEM education. With over 30 schools now participating in the annual FIRST Robotics Competition (RoboJam), led by Jamaica College, the vision for widespread adoption and national development has blossomed into a resounding reality.

Jamaica College's commitment to nurturing brilliance shines through with remarkable individual student achievements. A shining example is Orville Deluke Daley, a former Robotics team member, whose stellar performance (10 Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) subjects, and 13 Cape Units — 12 with straight A) secured him the coveted position of top UWI Matriculant for the 2023/2024 academic year.

With equal distinction, School Captain, Israel Allen's journey takes him to the hallowed halls of the prestigious Dartmouth University, where he will embark on a transformative adventure on a well-deserved scholarship. These exemplary young men stand as beacons of hope to unlock the full potential of our students and inspire generations to follow in their footsteps of academic prowess.

There is no doubt that Jamaica College's dedication to fostering well-rounded individuals is ingrained into the fabric of its ethos, manifesting in a myriad of achievements, from the physical to the intellectual, the artistic to the technological. This comprehensive approach to education stands as a shining exemplar, illuminating the path toward a future where the boundless potential of every student is nurtured and celebrated.

The significant improvement in our standing within the latest 'Educate Jamaica' rankings reflects our commitment to challenging all students to strive for their highest academic and personal potential. While the summit of the league tables remains an aspiration yet to be realized, our trajectory is an upward arc of progress, propelled by a legacy of determination, innovation, and a commitment to nurturing the leaders of tomorrow.

This past Easter, a joyous celebration resonated in the Hendrickson Auditorium at Jamaica College. It was a powerful affirmation of the institution's spiritual roots, those that have nurtured generations of young men. This celebration transcended mere festivity. It reaffirmed Jamaica College's solemn dedication to nurturing not only the mental acuity and physical prowess of its students but also to nurturing hearts filled with compassion and souls seeking purpose. Here, there is a profound belief that genuine greatness lies in the harmonious balance of mind, body, and spirit. Talented student musicians, speakers, and staff united in worship, their voices and words a powerful reminder of the enduring faith that forms the school's spiritual core. As Jamaica College looks towards the future, this renewed sense of reverence guides it. The eternal light of faith that illuminated the path for generations past will continue to lead the institution toward a brighter tomorrow.

Yet, amidst the reverence, accolades, and achievements, a lingering narrative of negativity and doubt persists, fueled by discordant echoes in the wilderness. To those who propagate falsehoods about the school's decline, we implore you: Don't steal the shine from our students' moment of glory. 

Let's Celebrate Jamaica College Together! The recent achievements of our students are a source of immense pride for the entire Jamaica College family. We invite everyone to join us in celebrating their well-deserved success.

Witness the Potential: Come experience the vibrant energy of our 1,700 students at assembly. Feel the electric current of the "True Blue" pride that unites us.

Together We Rise: Jamaica College has a long history of excellence, and we're committed to building an even brighter future. We believe in the potential of every student, and we welcome your support in nurturing and mentoring the next generation of leaders.

As the JC Track and Field team embarks on their annual trek to the Penn Relays Carnival, we stand united in resolute support, knowing they will do us proud on the global stage. Let's rally behind our boys, for the flame of eminence burns brighter than ever at Jamaica College!

"Fervet Opus in Campis" indeed!


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