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Restoring Champions' Field

Photo Credit Jevaughn Cain for JCOBA-NY

Dear Fellow Champions of Jamaica College,

In the heart of our beloved alma mater, beneath the iconic banner declaring that Jamaica College is the "Number One School for Champions," lies a field of dreams that has witnessed countless moments of triumph and camaraderie. From spirited sports competitions to the proud cadet parades, our Top Field has always stood as a testament to excellence and unity. This field, our cherished 'Top Field', is a symbol of True Blue pride and legacy, and it's in dire need of our collective support to reclaim its former glory.

Photo Credit Jevaughn Cain for JCOBA-NY

Today, we stand at a crossroads. The field that we once cherished has fallen into disrepair, becoming an eyesore. Yet, a glimmer of hope shines bright on the horizon, with a comprehensive master plan in the works for a full-fledged field infrastructure overhaul. But until then, we must act swiftly.

That's why we're introducing the stopgap Top Field Restoration Project. Our plan is to revitalize this space, transforming it into a pristine, lush, and meticulously maintained oasis that will not only inspire today's champions but also safeguard our legacy for generations to come. Moreover, this investment will remain integral and reusable when the master plan comes to fruition.

So, let's pause for a moment and remember the countless memories we've created on this sacred ground. This is more than just another fundraising campaign; it's a chance to restore a piece of our alma mater's soul to ensure that our Top Field remains a symbol of excellence, and inspiration.

Photo Credit Jevaughn Cain for JCOBA-NY

In these trying times, we are keenly aware that economic burdens weigh heavily and the fatigue from funding appeals is palpable. But let's rally together and embrace the profound symbolism and aesthetic beauty of this endeavor. Together, we can push the Top Field Restoration Project over the finish line.

Every contribution, no matter how big or small, counts. Let's call upon our fellow Old Boys, friends, and supporters to join us in this noble cause. Let's demonstrate our fervent dedication to the institution and the field that molded us into champions. Let's embark on this journey to preserve our legacy and continue to inspire champions at Jamaica College.

To join us in making your contribution today and becoming a vital part of this transformative project, please visit or simply text the code TOPFIELD to 44321. Together, we can ensure that our Top Field continues to stand as a magnificent arena for champions, cherished by generations to come."

May the College flourish, work is burning in the fields.

Photo Credits by Jevaughn Cain for JCOBA-NY


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