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One College - 30 Days Giving Campaign

Jamaica College Old Boys Associations World-Wide Will Start a 30-Day Giving Campaign in October 2022

One College - 30-Days Giving Campaign

All Jamaica College Old Boys’ Association (JCOBA) chapters around the world will launch a 30-day giving campaign, One College, to raise funds in support of the school needs for the current 2022-2023 academic year. Jamaica College itself will be the primary beneficiary of the first annual 30-day giving campaign. The One College initiative represents a collaboration of all JCOBA chapters and the Jamaica College Foundation and has a target funding goal of J$107 million to fulfill its mission.

The giving period will run through the month of October from October 1, 2022, through October 30, 2022. The funds will support JC’s budget needs, which are great as the school prepares to return to pre-COVID-19 pandemic levels of performance, and as it enhances support from non-traditional sources going forward.

Donations to "One College" will address three principal areas of need: academic, co-curricular, and infrastructure:

In Academics over the past five years, JC boys have achieved an 85 percent pass rate in five or more CSEC, City and Guild subjects, including Mathematics and English per academic year, up from 58 percent. The goal is to restore academic excellence and achieve a 95 percent pass rate via the following academic programmes: a Teacher Development Fund that will support the professional and personal development of teachers to improve their instructional efforts in order to improve student learning and academic results; a Teacher Incentive Program that will reward teachers for the quality of students’ performance; and the Teacher Top-Up Programme, which will offer better compensation for JC teachers.

In Co-Curricular activities, Jamaica College is traditionally dominant in the Manning Cup and Olivier Shield competitions in football and ISSA Boys’ Championship in athletics. While JC placed second with an outstanding performance in the nation’s highest athletics competition, Champs, in 2022, the school has even higher expectations and is aiming for the top spot. In addition to the primary activities in sport, other areas also require support to attain the same levels of performance excellence.

Infrastructure projects focus on the JC infirmary, which houses the general student and staff sick bays and the JC dental auxiliary department facility. While it is functional, major structural improvements are required. JC also wants to introduce a sports rehabilitation department within this facility. Other infrastructure needs include STEAM lab upgrade and maintenance, repainting of the entire school, refurbishing the dormitory, installation of bathrooms for the 2nd- and 3rd-form blocks, replacing windows in 1st- and 4th-form classrooms and administration building, and refurbishing the teachers’ flats. Other potential infrastructure projects are the refurbishment and upgrades to the Karl Hendrickson Auditorium and the placement of cameras in each classroom.

JCOBA officials and supporters are enthusiastic about the launch of the One College 30-Day Giving Campaign:

“This campaign is needed as the COVID pandemic has disrupted the great trajectory we were on,” said Carl Bennett, President of the JCOBA New York.

“We look forward to helping JC achieve the goals for the 2022-2023 term in this annual giving campaign,” said Xavier Murphy, President of JCOBA Florida

“Our chapter is excited about this campaign and looks forward to providing in-kind donations during these 30 days,” said Mark Delfosse, JCOBA Canada.

“We are delighted to start this campaign to assist JC for the 2022-2023 season to meet the school’s goals,” said Kirk Kennedy, President of the JCOBA.

“I am excited about this campaign and the involvement of all the chapters worldwide. We saw a need for this and responded,” commented Dr. Germaine Spencer, JCOBA

Donate to the One College 30-Day Giving Campaign"


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