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JCOBA-NY Welcomes Jevaughn Cain as Student Journalist Intern

Jamaica College sixth-former Jevaughn Cain is set to embark on an exciting journey as the Student Journalist Intern at JCOBA-NY.

A dynamic and passionate individual, Jevaughn immersed himself in a multifaceted array of co-curricular pursuits during his tenure at Jamaica College, thereby sculpting himself into a well-rounded and discerning individual.

As a member of the Key Club, Jevaughn honed his sense of community engagement and social responsibility, spearheading and participating in numerous community service projects. His tenure in the Student Council enabled him to sharpen his communication and organizational prowess, working seamlessly within a diverse group. Furthermore, as a dedicated Track and Field team member, Jevaughn imbibed the values of discipline, perseverance, and teamwork – qualities crucial for the seamless coordination and execution of any event.

JCOBA-NY is delighted to champion the power of journalism, and we're equally excited to welcome Jevaughn Cain as our new student journalist, empowering him to share the vibrant stories of Jamaica College and our rich heritage with our community and the world. - Carl Bennett, JCOBA-NY President

In his new role as our Student Journalist Intern, Jevaughn will craft monthly articles for the JCOBA- NY blog and social media platforms, covering a broad spectrum of school activities, from sports to interviews and general commentary. He will share captivating stories and insightful perspectives about the vibrant happenings at the school, keeping readers well informed and current.

JCOBA-NY is thrilled to welcome Jevaughn to the team, confident in his ability to positively impact our organization and further our mission of preserving and promulgating all things "Fervet." We look forward to his engaging and informative contributions.

Stay tuned for Jevaughn's debut article, which will be published on the JCOBA-NY blog later this month

Jevaughn Cain Student Journalist Intern
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