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JC Crowned JCDC Drumming Champions of Jamaica.

Jamaica College instructor (Mr. Mazlyn) admires the JCDC #drumfest championship hardware

It is said that “the drum has a very deep and powerful medicine, capable of touching the soul. The sound of the drum is like the sound of the heart, when we touch it our whole being is wrapped and awake, our emotions are externalized, feelings of creative expression are born, and a single vibration begins to be felt.” -Unknown

You may have felt the ‘heartical’ vibes from the sound of distant drums, which punctuated the air during the grand opening of the JC Ashenheim Stadium. Those resounding rhythms rose from the dexterous fingers and mystical hands of the nationally acclaimed Jamaica College Cultural Drummers.

Drumming Rhythm of Excellence

Over the years the True-Blue Drummers have played their drums to the tune of 4 Gold Medals and a Bronze medal at the national level.

The Jamaica College Cultural Drum Majors continue to make their mark on the national stage when they were recently crowned as the Drumming Champions of Jamaica at the 2019 Jamaica Cultural Development Commission's (JCDC) Drum Fest. This will-deserved honour was anchored by a pitch perfect performance of the Jamaican Traditional Drum Ensemble piece "Drumically Riddimically”.

Did I hear a drumroll?

Congratulations to the True-Blue Drummers. Drum on!


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