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My fellow JC Old Boys:

Let me start by first wishing that you, your family and your loved ones are all safe during this most unusual time. We have all been affected by this COVID-19 pandemic and our beloved Jamaica College is no different.

Right now we are under extreme pressure to keep the operational functions at 189 Old Hope Road going in a meaningful way, as almost all of our supplemental revenue streams have ground to a halt. In order to utilize current online classroom technology to keep the learning going, we now have to invest in our teaching technology solutions such as hardware (tablets and laptops), software and WiFi data access, while continuing to pay utilities and ground maintenance. With no rental income from our auditorium, sporting or classroom facilities, no lunch sales from our cafeteria and minimum collection of outstanding fees from our parents, we have had to cut staff, cut pay or cut hours. One extremely important group that has been hardest hit is our supplemental teachers and administrators who are paid directly by us and not by the Ministry. These persons are critical in our drive to continue to elevate Jamaica College’s academic standards.

We are therefore turning to you, our True Blue Old Boys for help. The combined Chapters of the JCOBA, here in Jamaica, New York, Florida and Canada have joined forces to meet this crisis head on and have created the JCOBA Big Brother COVID-19 Rescue Plan. The goal is for each chapter to generate a minimum of $J300,000 ($2000 USD) per month for the next 3 months, beginning the end of May, to offset this critical financial shortfall.

No amount is too small. No amount is too great.

I urge you to support this very important cause, by making your contribution today.

Thank you in advance for your continued support of our great Jamaica College. Principal Wayne Robinson Fervet Opus In Campis


Make your tax-deductible donation to the JCOBA-NY today via the following link:

JC COVID-19 Rescue Plan or by texting code "FERVET" to 44-321 from your mobile phone.



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