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As one of the thousands of men who walked the hallowed halls of Jamaica College, you are indeed TRUE BLUE. We were privileged to attend one of the oldest and best school of its kind in the Western Hemisphere. An institution steeled in an enviable history and rich traditions.


You can count yourself amongst the leaders, innovators explorers, the movers and shakers, of not only our nation but of our world. Making our mark, wherever we go and in whatever we do, while making the 'ROCK' and the world a better place - in fulfillment of that solemn call to serve.  


As your Old Boys Association for the Diaspora in the North Eastern United States, we know that 'True Blue' runs through your veins. So here on this portal, you’ll find everything there is to connect and reconnect to that place you once called home.


So welcome to the Jamaica College Old Boys Association of New York. Connect and reconnect.  Get involved. Give us a shout. 


And, of course...FERVET FOREVER!


Unlocking greatness, empowering leaders: Jamaica College Old Boys Association of New York (JCOBA-NY) transforms lives.

JCOBA-NY unlocks the boundless potential of Jamaica College students by providing resources and fostering excellence in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics and Sports. Drawing inspiration from our legendary Robotics program, we foster the seeds of curiosity, to create a transformative and enduring impact on the experiences of all students at Jamaica College, equipping them with the skills, knowledge, and mindset to thrive in the 21st century and beyond.



Prime Minister

Any country and any people who do not recognise the fundamental importance of investing in education has no future. Happily, the Jamaica College Old Boys Association of New York has been engaged in a strategic programme of providing continuing assistance to our school, which is more necessary today than ever before. I wish for the association a long life and continued success. 

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