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Greetings in the name of the TrueBlue spirit of comradeship, loyalty and consummate support for our great alma mater, Jamaica College (JC).

You may recall during the nascent days of the Internet revolution, JCOBA NY formulated the 'JC 2000 Project', aimed at creating a 21st century technology platform at Jamaica College. We started by establishing the Jamaica College Computer Science Lab in 1992, powered by a donation of 80 computers enabled by Max Maxwell, an alumnus then teaching at the prestigious Lawrenceville School. This was quickly followed by the first alumni portal in Jamaica and a collaborative effort with a local alumnus Roger Chang to bring Wi-Fi access to the JC campus.

Over the years we continued to contribute to the upgrade and modernization of the computer lab with significant donations of equipment and peripherals along with providing technical advice. We are pleased to announced our latest contribution of 150 fully-equipped computers and related accessories destined for JC. The first set of computers, approximately 50 units, were shipped to JC in September. They were received and installed in the primary computer lab and – by all reports (feedback attached) – have had immediate impact in improving the digital media facilities to enable the opportunity to maximize the potential of our student population.

We are in the process of arranging the shipment of the second set of computer equipment and accessories, which include:

  • 100+CPUs, monitors and keyboards

  • 10 printers, including two (2) color laser printers

  • 10 sets of digital audio speakers

  • 10 boxes of accessories – power cords; mice; connector cables; etc.

As you might imagine, there are considerable costs associated with the procurement and shipment of this equipment. Consequently, we are requesting your financial support to assist with the shipping and delivery components.

Please consider making a tax-deductible contribution today at to advance this effort – follow the GET INVOLVED link and then click Infrastructure; or click here to contribute.

You may also mail a check to:

Jamaica College Old Boys Association of New York

PO Box 2567

New York, NY 10008-2567

As you know, when you support the Jamaica College Old Boys’ Association (Canada, Florida, Jamaica and New York), you help to make it possible to improve the lives of the current students at Jamaica College and to enable JC to continue to be the beloved place of learning that it is. Your generosity has an immeasurable impact on our students and faculty.

Every little bit counts, so no amount is too small to help advance the cause. Many thanks in advance for your assistance.

Floreat Collegium, Fervet Opus in Campis

Carl Bennett

President – JCOBA-NY

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