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There is a space for all our members irrespective of their skillsets

The main aim of The Robotics Club is to inspire creative young minds to build work-efficient robots to assist humans in work and play. As well as building an innovative team to surpass previous members and elevate to the World Championship overcoming any obstacle which we will face in the process.

The Mission of the Jamaica College (JC) Robotics Club is to entrust our knowledge to the future members of our club in order to maintain sustain- ability. In addition, strive to achieve excellence in all aspects of the competitions.

As a science-driven institution, JC seeks to embrace the best practices while integrating technology and realizing value from the resources available. Appropriate use of technology encourages achievement and student success. Projects embarked upon by JC include the implementation of the Information Communication and Technology (ICT) Steering Committee, integration of a school management system, subscription to an electronic library, upgrades to the core networks infrastructure and the training of all staff members in the relevant technology as desired. The Jamaica College Robotics Club was formed in 2009 as an initiative to inspire high school students to be science and technology leaders in their pursuit of higher education and ultimately their careers. It also engages students to cultivate engineering and technological skills through innovative thinking. Since its inception, The Robotics Club has been an active part of the school’s community giving club attendees/ members, and to a lesser extent the rest of the school’s population, an opportunity to apply what is being taught in the classrooms. This programme has reignited an interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) based courses in accordance with the way the world is currently focused.

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