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JC students turn business lessons into reality

Conceptualizers of Electro Hype (from left) Jharred Lewis, Terique Johnson, Daniel Dennis and Navaski Hammond

OVER time students have devised various ways to get a better understanding of what they are learning, whether it was through visual aid, YouTube videos or group studies.

But, five lower sixth form students at Jamaica College collectively thought that the best way was to literally put the theory into practice. Being business students, the teen group started their own business — Electro Hype.

Electro Hype is an online phone accessories store that specialises in original Apple and Samsung products. Their product line includes power banks, chargers, screen protectors, stickers and the latest phone craze, popsockets.

The youngsters have no regret starting their business, as it has helped them to grasp business concepts they were taught in entrepreneurship, management of business and economics.

“In economics, demand supply is now easier because we as the suppliers, we have to know what the demand is. We can't oversupply the market and we don't get the demand that's necessary. So we have to find out the price the equilibrium price that persons are willing to pay for the goods. We have to supply a price that they're willing to pay and we can profit from it. So that's what we did and we applied that knowledge to it,” Terique Johnson, one of the students, told the Jamaica Observer.

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