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Become an 8'er! Meet the 8 Band ...Straight Outta JC. #8isenough.

In their own words, “We're simply, 8. Jamaica's first real boy-band. All formerly from the award-winning Jamaica College band. Aside from that common bond of "True Blue" blood, we also share a genuine love and passion for music; music of all genres. Though we are teenagers, (ages 16-19) we're humbled to have been told our musicianship and performance skills are well beyond our years. A truly Jamaican product with a touch of "boy-band" flare. Ready to energize, ignite and entertain for any occasion. 8 is enough. #8isenough WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR '8'?

'8' was brought together by husband and wife team, Rohan Dwyer and Carol Dexter-Dwyer. The two have well over twenty years experience in the music industry, and have worked with countless Jamaican and international acts in numerous capacities on a variety of projects, music recordings and performances locally and internationally, as well as commercials and film. Some of these productions include Junior Kelly's "Love So Nice" album, and Etana's hit single "People Talk", penned by Dexter-Dwyer, and also a movie soundtrack for the Robin Williams/Mandy Moore movie, License To Wed.


The band, '8', developed out of a working relationship with the band of a local high school, Jamaica College (JC), where the Dwyers' son (Jhada) was a member of that award-winning band. (Rohan is also a Jamaica College Old Boy, and Carol, a St. Andrew High School Old Girl). Carol, prompted by her son, began working with the JC band, helping with choosing songs for performances, vocal and instrumental arrangements, choreography and staging.

After working on a number of performances and recordings with the JC band, the Dwyers thought to develop a separate entity, considering their son's passion for music, and his desire to pursue his passion well beyond his high school years. What better way to do this than to form an entity with your closest friends who share the same passion?! Jhada had also played a few gigs with another group of Jamaica College musicians outside of school, and the Dwyers called upon a set of twins from that group to complete '8'. The members of '8' are Adrian Bacchus, Andre' Bacchus, George Campbell, Bradley Dodd, Jhada Dwyer, Moses Estick, Jordon McLeary and Matthew Gillespie. Individually and collectively they have won several medals from the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission's (JCDC) Music Competition, and Jhada most recently won the award for Best Band Leader in the Jamaica's Best School Band Competition.

They have all graduated from either fifth or sixth form at Jamaica College, but while there, these kids not only excelled in the arts, but were also the movers and shakers in their Jamaica College community. Many held major leadership positions from Students' Council President to 1st Vice School Captain (Deputy Headboy) to Class Valedictorian. They have done it all. In fact, one member of '8' had been the top academic performer in the entire school for the past four academic years, with a 90% average or above!


The band has already had one performance at the opening of the Jamaica 55 Diaspora Conference and Governor General's Achievement Awards held at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel, in Kingston, Jamaica, on Sunday, July 23, 2017. The response has been overwhelming, and commendations as well as bookings for other performances have been forthcoming.


The members of '8' wish to return to their alma mater, Jamaica College, which supported and nurtured their talent in earlier years, to motivate others to actively participate in all aspects of the performing arts. It is their dream to embark on an all-island school tour, and through their interaction, they hope to encourage Jamaica College, and other schools across the country, to develop their music and arts programmes, to harness the talents of students who may not be academically inclined. They hope to be an inspiration to all young people, particularly young men, to demonstrate that they may be well-rounded individuals, and excel in other areas apart from sports, and that they can balance their time and responsibilities in order to be successful at anything they can conceive. Finally, they hope to positively influence the direction of Jamaican music, by making good, wholesome, fun, age-appropriate songs for all demographics to love, appreciate and enjoy.

Fans of the 8 bands are called “8’ers”

Become and 8'er and check out the 8 band's debut single 'School Boy Anthem' which is now available on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Spotify, and all other major online distribution outlets.




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