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Welcome to the Jamaica College Mentorship Program

Empowering students through professional mentorship, igniting passions, unlocking potential, and empowering dreams.

At the heart of the Jamaica College Mentorship Program beats a resolute commitment to transforming lives through the power of mentorship. We stand as a bridge between generations, uniting the wisdom and experience of our esteemed JC alumni with the aspirations and potential of our current students. Our mission is to cultivate an environment where mentorship ignites passions, unlocks potential, and empowers dreams.

We believe that every encounter, every conversation, and every shared experience has the potential to spark profound change. Through this program, we aim to forge connections that transcend the boundaries of time, nurturing a legacy of guidance, support, and inspiration. By fostering meaningful relationships, we envision equipping students with the tools they need to navigate the challenges of today's world and emerge as confident, compassionate, and accomplished individuals.

Our mission extends beyond mere guidance; it's about igniting a flame of possibility that burns brightly within each mentee. We aspire to empower mentors to impart not just knowledge, but also the unwavering belief that dreams are attainable, and obstacles are but stepping stones to greatness. Through mentorship, we seek to instill in our students the values of resilience, integrity, and a commitment to giving back to their communities.

As we embark on this journey, our mission remains steadfast: to create a legacy of transformation, one mentorship at a time. By nurturing potential, nurturing aspirations, and nurturing growth, we endeavor to shape the leaders, innovators, and change-makers of tomorrow. Together, we rise, united by the purpose of fostering excellence and propelling the JC community to new heights.

Empowering Potential, Igniting Futures, One Mentorship at a Time.

Mentorship Registration
Mentorship Modality

Thanks for submitting!

    Direct Deposit to: TD Bank Routing # 026013673 Account # 4348191703 Jamaica College Old Boys Association
    Check payable to: Jamaica College Old Boys Association of New York PO Box 2567 New York, NY 10007
    Donate via Zelle to Email:
  • What is the Jamaica College Endowment Fund?
    The Jamaica College Endowment Fund (JCEF) is an amalgamation of separate funds, set up through the generous charitable gifts of mostly alumni donors. The JCEF is structured with intact principals and investment income available for use. The Jamaica College Foundation works closely with old boys and donors to identify initiatives, projects, or programs of mutual interest. These funds are pooled to maximize the return on investment.
  • Who is the Investment Manager for the Jamaica College Endowment Fund?
    The Investment Manager((s) will be designated by the Jamaica College Foundation and share the same resource management as the Jamaica College Trust, the legal owner of the school.
  • Do I get a Tax Receipt for my contribution to the JCNYEF?
    Yes, upon receipt of any gift (including memorial gifts), JCOBA-NY sends the donor a tax receipt letter.
  • Does the value of the Jamaica College Endowment Fund fluctuate?
    Endowed funds grow over time through a combination of donations and investment returns, and funds are spent to both meet current needs and the needs of future generations. However, the overall portfolio of the Jamaica College Endowment Fund (JCEF) can increase or decrease in value depending on market returns. The fund managers, maintains a highly diversified investment portfolio designed to mitigate downturns in any one sector of the economy. The JC Trust also reviews the endowment’s ROI to ensure that the current needs are met while also safeguarding the endowment’s future.
  • What is the target goal for the JCNYEF?
    We would like to raise at least USD$1 million as a capital investment for the JCNYEF.
  • What is the main purpose of the Jamaica College Old Boys of New York Endowment Fund (JCNYEF)?
    JCOBA-NY established its endowment fund to specifically support the STEAM program and related projects at JC and to ensure that the strategic investment made by our chief benefactor, Dr. Joseph Tait, will be perpetually relevant, cutting edge and protected from obsolescence.
  • Are the funds encumbered for a specific project or cause?
    The JCNYEF falls in the “restricted” funds category and earnings can only be spent in specific situations or under certain conditions as defined.
  • Are contributions to the JCNYEF tax-deductible?
    Contributions made to the JCNYEF are tax-deductible in accordance with our 501(c)3 IRS designation. There are also some sophisticated techniques that can be used to further enhance the income tax attractiveness of such gifts, inclusive of leveraging the use of appreciated securities to fund the endowment or the use of a charitable lead or remainder trust. Please consult with your financial advisor in this regard.
  • How can I contribute in honour of or in the memory of a loved one?
    Memorial or honorary gifts can be an especially meaningful way to commemorate a loved one or celebrate a personal milestone while also benefitting Jamaica College. These contributions are a unique way to create a meaningful legacy as each gift serves as a lasting tribute since the fund will exist in perpetuity. Donors using our SECURE ONLINE DONOR FORM will be prompted for memorial/honorary gift information. Should you wish to include information in an obituary to direct memorial gifts to JCNYEF, we offer the following sample wording: In lieu of flowers, gifts may be made to the Jamaica College Endowment Fund, in memory of [individual’s name]. Checks may be made payable to Jamaica College Old Boys Association of New York and mailed to: JCOBA-NY Memorial Gifts 90 Church Street #2567 New York NY 10008-9718 United States
  • What is the minimum amount required to contribute to the JCNYEF?
    There is no minimum amount to contribute to the JCNYEF.
  • Can I contribute via a periodic subscription to the JCNYEF?
    Yes, you can, and we encourage periodic subscriptions to the JCNYEF, which can be arranged easily through our SECURE ONLINE DONOR FORM.
  • Can I contribute to the endowment fund through an estate gift?
    Absolutely! Endowment gifts can be planned for, through your estate. You can also create an endowed fund today with an immediate gift and add to the fund through your estate. To learn more about how you can leave a lasting legacy at JC, please visit
  • 1. What is the Jamaica College (JC) Mentorship Program?
    The JC Mentorship Program is an initiative designed to facilitate mentorship relationships between experienced Old Boys (mentors) and current students (mentees). This program aims to provide guidance, support, and a platform for sharing valuable life experiences.
  • 10. How can I get more information?
    For more information about the JC Mentorship Program, including application deadlines, guidelines, and updates, visit the portal or reach out to the program coordinators at mentor@jcobany/‭+1 (212) 602-1374‬ Note: This FAQ document is a basic overview of the JC Mentorship Program. Detailed guidelines and information may be available on the official program website or provided by program coordinators.
  • 5. How are mentors and mentees matched?
    Mentor-mentee matches are made based on various factors, including career interests, academic pursuits, hobbies, and personal goals. The program coordinators work to create meaningful connections that align with the needs and aspirations of both mentors and mentees.
  • 9. Is there a support system for mentors and mentees?
    Yes, the program coordinators are available to provide guidance, address any concerns, and ensure that the mentorship relationship is progressing smoothly. Additionally, there might be networking events and workshops to foster a sense of community among participants.
  • 8. How is the success of the program measured?
    The success of the JC Mentorship Program is measured through various indicators, such as mentee academic progress, personal development, career advancements, and the overall satisfaction of participants. Regular feedback and assessments will contribute to evaluating the program's impact.
  • 4. How do I become a mentee?
    Current JC students who want to be mentees can apply by completing the mentee application form, which will also be available on the portal. The program coordinators will review applications and match mentees with suitable mentors based on shared interests and goals.
  • 7. What activities can mentors and mentees engage in?
    Mentors and mentees can engage in a variety of activities, including one-on-one discussions, goal-setting sessions, skill-building workshops, and networking events. The program encourages meaningful interactions that contribute to personal and professional growth.
  • 3. How do I become a mentor?
    If you're an interested JC Old Boy, you can express your interest by filling out the Mentor Registration form at Once you submit your application, the program coordinators will review it and contact you regarding your participation.
  • 6. What is the time commitment for mentors and mentees?
    The time commitment varies and is flexible, depending on the availability of both mentors and mentees. Mentors and mentees can determine the frequency and duration of their interactions based on mutual agreement.
  • 2. Who can participate in the program?
    The program is open to both JC Old Boys who are interested in becoming mentors and current JC students who wish to benefit from mentorship.
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